After being suckered into attending an 8:30 am staff meeting in the office, I spent the majority of the day trying to procure a SIM card for my mobile, which in theory should have been much easier than it was.  The upside to this fiasco was that I got to see quite a bit of Clarke Quay (pronounced Clark Key), which is a hip, happening part of the river that runs through Singapore.  During the day people stroll or jog along the riverside, or some shop at one of the many pedestrian malls that line the banks.  By the way, there are malls EVERYWHERE here.   Over 250 of them.


At nighttime the neighborhood gets fairly busy, and everyone comes out to the modern restaurants and nightclubs.  When I say everyone, I mean mostly expats because it’s ridiculously expensive. For the time being I’m staying in an apartment that overlooks the river, just to the right of the picture below:


Goal for tomorrow: work on finalizing my employment pass and opening a bank account.  I’m trying to remain optimistic…