Maybe it’s time to self-indulge a little and give some thoughts on my first impressions of the Lion City!  I haven’t had a lot of down-time until now to let everything soak in: as in – “holy cow, I just up and moved to Asia.”  But now I’m sitting at some swanky coffee shop next to a French couple, across from a monk, watching a little Singaporean birthday party, and taking some time to update you on my life.


@ The Coffee Connoisseur

So the one thing that you can’t deny about Singapore is that IT’S REALLY HOT and REALLY HUMID.  All the time.  From the moment you step one foot out the door, I guarantee you will start sweating.  And the heat is totally killing my appetite.  If I’ve been outside, I don’t feel like eating unless it’s a slice of watermelon.  It’s a little more bearable in the shade or when it’s raining (thankfully (?) it’s monsoon season), but pretty much everything I do (selection of clothes, deciding where to eat, deciding whether to take a taxi or the metro, etc.) depends on how long I estimate I’ll be out of AC.  Singaporeans have gone out of their way to minimize the the amount of time one has to spend without air conditioning.  Everything here is indoors (most likely in a shopping mall) and blasting with AC: taxis, subways, clubs, you name it!  I went out to a few bars last night with some new-found work friends (see below), and even the sidewalk was air-conditioned.


@ Blue Jazz

I’d also like to note, that while I write this, there are a lot of really, really, unattractive American men with really, really gorgeous Asian women walking by the cafe.  Interesting…  On that note, I’d also like to say that I am officially feeling like a minority.  I’m taller than about 95% of the women here, at least 10 shades fairer/pinker, and convinced that I might never find a bra in my size.  Just saying…

Another striking thing about Singapore is how clean everything is!  Granted I haven’t see every nook and cranny, but even Arab street, which is a little seedy, is clean!  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they’ll cane you (or at least fine you to death) for littering, spitting, spraying graffiti, etc.  Below is a picture of the apartment where I’m temporarily staying:


My temporary home

Notice how spic and span the sidewalk is for such a busy, high-traffic sidewalk.  I’m not sure my next apartment will be so nice, but that’s a different story.  Speaking of, I’m off to continue my apt. hunting – wish me luck!

I miss you all & thanks for your comments – I love reading them!