I’m dying to update you all on my experience at the Korean BBQ this weekend, but I’m waiting for a friend to send me the relevant pictures.  Trust me, they’re essential.  In the meantime, here’s a little extra entertainment for you:

This photo was taken after a very satisfying sushi lunch (conveyer belt style) at Orchard Central.  Beth, Jen and I ran into Asian Santa on our way out of UrbanWrite.  Obviously we HAD to have our pictures taken with him, and fortunately Santa was trying to sell us stuff, so the pictures were free. 

UrbanWrite, by the way, is a fantastic store!  For all of you lovers of Papyrus and Levengers (I’m talking to you, AR), you have to look into this store!  It’s an oasis of paper and pens and calendars and lots of kitschy Asian notebooks. 

On another kitschy Asian front…Gal, a secretary in my office, approached me this morning and asked me to send her a picture of myself for the division poster.  “Sure,” I said, and the next thing I know, this was on my desk:

Gal, beaming, asks me in her adorable accent, “Do you like postah? Eees traditionah Malay holiday postah of office!”

“Gal?” I respond. “Did you marry me to someone in this picture?”

“Oohh, this eees professah.  He come maybe two, tree times.  Good husband.” Still beaming.

Needless to say, this masterpiece is now hanging prominently at my desk.  And I officially love Gal.