I should have known better when, as I’m leaving the cab, the driver turns around, hands me my change, stares me straight in the eye, laughs, and with a tone of skepticism that I didn’t appreciate asks: “hey, you like Korea Barbeque la?”  But seeing as how this was the same cab driver who circled the block twice because he didn’t know how to get to the restaurant, I hopped out of the cab and didn’t question him further.

A few minutes later I’m standing in front of a buffet, piling meat and fish onto a plate.

Correction. A few minutes later I’m standing in front of a buffet, pilling raw meat and fish onto a plate.

It’s just as disturbing as you might imagine.  Nothing was labeled, and I was at the mercy of my colleagues to show me what I maybe should or shouldn’t eat. I won’t even address the cleanliness of the establishment, but you can read the reviews here for an idea.  Hindsight is 20/20, okay?

After a little hesitation and a lot of trepidation, I brought my plate of raw carnage back to the table where our waiter had set up a grill and a pot of boiling soup for us to cook our food.

Clockwise from the egg roll, which is resting upon a bed of raw chicked breast, we have raw white fish (maybe Tuna?), a crispy wonton, a black noodle, a raw chicken foot, seaweed, noodles, a raw sausage ball, raw spicy lamb, raw sliced beef and an uncooked crab stick.

Yes, that is a chicken foot. Yes, I actually ate it. Please see below for confirmation.

Will I eat at Da Chang Jin again? Probably not. Will I eat a chicken foot again?  Not by choice.

p.s. Mom, I’m still healthy.