So much for my plans to train for the 10k in Cambodia next week.  I’ve spent the better part of the past 7 days in bed fighting some kind of flu, which can probably be traced back to either (1) the hospital cafeteria where I eat lunch everyday (2) the start of monsoon season, or (3) the “in and out of AC” effect.  In any case, Operation Make White Girl Healthy (OMWGH) involves finding (1) an English-speaking acupuncturist, (2) some ginseng and Chinese herbs from Chinatown, and (3) a dentist.  And maybe a new lunch venue.

In an attempt to escape my quarantine (bedroom), I’m taking it easy and having a relaxing dinner to celebrate Hari Raya with work friends at a colleague’s house.  She’s Pakistani, and I’m hoping the food is too.  Tomorrow I will continue my eat-fest and celebrate Thanksgiving with some newfound American friends (or at least fellow lovers of America).  I’ve been asked to bring “rolls or cornbread.”  Where am I supposed to find cornbread in Singapore? 

Pictures and stories forthcoming…