Move over, Santa!  You’re not the only one who sees us when we’re sleeping:

On Wednesday night Amina drove us back to her house in her sweet Allahmobile (is that PC?) and we all had a tasty dinner to celebrate Hari Raya Haji (Eid).  It was really nice to spend some time outside the office with all of my fun colleagues.  Gal forbade me to eat chicken because, “it’s a ‘heaty’ food and bad for cough,” and she also forbade me to sit at the corner of the table.  I looked into it.  Apparently if you’re single and sit at the corner of a square table, you won’t get married for the next seven years.  At least someone’s looking out for me!

Thursday was a lot of fun too!  After work I met up with Preston and his American friends for a Thanksgiving dinner, which was just what the doctor ordered.  Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, good wine – all in the middle of Singapore!  It was my first “American” meal since arriving nearly a month ago, and I ate so much that my stomach hurt and I had to put on PJ’s as soon as I got home.  A lot of the Americans I met were in finance or investment banking.  Is it just me, or are all bankers in their 20’s as intense everywhere in the world that you meet them?  Even my banker friends in NYC do everything to the extreme: they work 10-11 hour days, make time for a hard-core workout, and then get hammered in the evening, only to do it all again the next day?  Hmm…  In any case, I also met a delightful Scotiish woman, Colette, who is a yoga instructor here and has promised to help find me an acupuncturist and a yoga studio!

I spent most of Friday hanging out with Philip, as it was a holiday and we had to tie up some loose ends and finish signing paperwork so I can move into the apartment.  We had an awesome lunch at a German restaurant downtown and then braved the rainstorm to explore Arab street and surrounding areas:

and in the evening I went to Jade Cinemas with Suhas and his wife, Siri, to see a Bollywood movie!  The 3-hour flick was called Kurbaan, starring (who else?) Saif Ali Khan.  It was just so-so, but I had lots of fun being the only white girl in the theater and hanging out with some new friends.

Today is moving day!  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!