I’m watching the candles burn down on my menorah and I’m thinking that it’s been a surprisingly fun and eventful festival of lights in the city so far.  I spent the first night of Chanukkah at Chabad this past Shabbat, where I met lots of nice Jewish folk and had a lot of delicious food!  I’m sorry, Asia, but your fried rice and noodle soup can’t compete with my challah, hummus and cholent.

Most of the Jews here are exchange students or Israelis selling Dead Sea products at the malls, but apparently there is a small community of Safardi locals somewhere.  One of the Israelis I met the night before invited me to join them for drinks in Clarke Quay on Saturday night, so we all went out and partied until the wee hours of the morning in my old stomping grounds.

On Sunday I was invited to a “Mulled Wine and Mince Pie Christmas party” by a British girl I had met at Thanksgiving, and when I arrived I discovered that I had already met a third of the people on Friday/Saturday nights.  What a small world!  Singapore has nearly 5m inhabitants, but I guess the ex-pat population must be far smaller.

Last night I had dinner with Malavika, Eric & family., watched the kids open their Chanukah gifts, and then sped off to another Chanukah party thrown by some of the exchange students.  I don’t know if I (or my liver) can handle 2 more nights of this.

I think I need a Christmas tree…