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Despite a slightly inauspicious start to the day, my 37-hour birthday extravaganza was heaps of fun!  A *Big Thank You* to you, my very thoughtful friends and family, who made the day so extra extraordinary in every time zone.  You make me feel so special and I’m incredibly grateful to have you in my life.  I’m sending you all virtual bear hugs!

Last January 19th I bought myself an iPhone, so this year I thought I would tone it down and treat myself to an extravagant birthday cab ride to the office, but my plans were foiled when not a single taxi would stop to pick me up.  In retrospect it might have been the universe’s way of saying: “Walk your plump derrière to work!  We’ve got cupcakes to eat!” because my sweetheart of a friend, Sheralyn, baked me the most delicious chocolate yogurt cupcakes (feast your eyes on her handiwork below):

The day only got better when (1) we started toying with the idea of a trip to Nepal, (2) my colleagues organized a lunch outing to the most delicious Indian buffet, (3) my inbox was flooded with facebook love, and (4) Gal pimped out my MRT card with Asian kitch.  Check out the before and after:

Is there an MRT rider more happenin’ than me?  I think NOT!  I rounded out the day with a lovely dinner at Mondo Mio pizzeria and a big gathering at Loof with Meir (who also celebrated his bday) & co.

My heart is overflowing with happiness and gratitude.  Thank you everyone for making my day so wonderful!

And to you, Singapore taxi drivers: we’ll tango again tomorrow morning.

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