Inspired by Nicole’s stylish friend to do a little window shopping on Ann Siang Hill, I set off to Chinatown armed with my camera and my girlfriends.

I had originally hoped to capture the trendiness of the Ann Siang boutique shops and cafés, but I was too busy looking for Theroux’s latest travel essays (thanks for the tip, Olga!) at Books Actually and sampling free patisserie goodies from K-ki sweets to get some quality shots.

Instead I’m giving you pictures from the street hawkers in Chinatown, which in my opinion are just as interesting and perhaps a little more timeless than trendy.

Bold LanternsChopsticks
Chinese New Year Cakes

Left to right from the top: (1) Hanging lanterns in a store off Pagoda Street, (2) friends in the orchid garden, (3) rows and rows of lovely chopsticks for sale, (4) very, very dry persimmons, (5) the worlds largest spinning prayer wheel (supposedly), (6) nian gao factory cakes, or chinese new year cakes, (7) more photogenic lanterns, (8) roasting chesnuts, and (9) ripped statue guarding the Red Temple.