It was a particularly exhausting day and all I really wanted to do was unwind with a glass of vino rosso.

But Oh! did I get so much more. 

Cue booming voiceBEHOLD!

I give you Lamb Sucking Teet!

T promised to take me to the Swiss restaurant, Marche, for a big, healthy dinner of fresh veggies and that coveted glass of Merlot, so I suppose I shouldn’t have been too surprised when I turned a corner and encountered the pastoral scenery.

Who thought that it would be a good idea to have a life-size display of a lamb sucking its mother’s nipples?  Better yet – who decided to animate the display?  Did they have an incredible sense of humor or simply watch one too many episodes of Lamb Chop?  Who orders meat after walking past that?  Does it subconsciously make people hungry?  Did a Swiss person design it?  A Singaporean?  Why???

I need another glass of wine.