…otherwise known as the National Dish of Singapore.  I have a little debate going on with my foodie friend as to whether or not this dish is as delicious as its reputation suggests.  She argues nay, but I’m firmly on the side of the yeas.

What else can you eat in this town that is so cheap ($2 USD), so simple, so easy to find, so light, and doesn’t leave you feeling like there’s a frat party going on in your stomach?  Sometimes I just don’t want a meal with all the spice or the oil or the fried foods.  And compared to some of the other fare, chicken rice is relatively healthy (well, assuming you don’t eat the fatty skin).

To see if I was missing something, I went to the hawker stall at Maxwell Centre where Anthony Bourdain famously declared that the chicken rice was “so fragrant and delicious that it can be eaten on its own.” You can see part 1 of the Singapore episode of No Reservations below.  He also does a great job of showing how they make the dish (around the 3:00 mark).

On that note, I think I’ll go have some chicken rice!