That’s right – Chinese New Year begins on the 14th.  So what does the coming of the year of the Tiger mean for me?  Two days of vacation and an excellent excuse to lounge at the pool.  I looked into the possibility of taking a trip, but it turns out a lot of other people had the same idea and ticket prices were exorbitantly expensive.   I’ve been told that, starting on Saturday night, the country will effectively shut down until the following Wednesday.  That means no grocery stores, no restaurants, no museums, no excursions, no shopping, and a great excuse to veg for a few days!  A solar new year AND a lunar new year?   Do I get to make new resolutions?

In anycase there’s much to be grateful for and excited about, including (but by no means limited to):

  • an upcoming trip to Hong Kong to see Kellie & sisters
  • successful abstract AND manuscript submissions
  • a new watch that I’m in LOVE with
  • the possibility (fingers crossed) of Chloe & Lissi coming to visit
  • NEPAL in April
  • “official” marathon training begins next week
  • and approval to work from the States for a couple weeks in August and be with my family!!!

Happiness. Anyone else have a new year coming up?  I’m quite at my leisure!*

*yes, I’ve been watching P&P.  A lot…