Western New Year? One day.  Jewish New Year?  Two days.  Vietnamese New Year? Three days.  Chinese New Year?  FIFTEEN DAYS.  You might ask: What’s the big deal?  I might tell you: The big deal is that I have a little issue, and I’ve just realized that it’s now a 15 day issue:

I’m addicted to Chinese New Year cookies.   Seriously.  I. need. help.

They’re absolutely everywhere and I can’t escape them!  There is a cookie bakery at the corner of my MRT stop, so every day I’m starting my morning by smelling the buttery goodness (probably more like “ghee-y” goodness).  Even in the office there are dozens of cookie jars, strategically located about 10 meters away from my computer, so I’m forced to stare at them any time I go to the printer.  If I go to a meeting, the secretary will put out bottles of water and…you guessed it…CNY cookies.  People give me cookies as gifts.  One day I tried to swear off all Chinese New Year cookies and then (a mere 2 hours after my vow) an 80-year-old woman insisted I taste one of her home-baked pineapple tart cookies.  Just try saying no to a Chinese auntie!

Consider this my admission of a problem.  Is there a second step?

[photo credit: James Carrier & Simply Anne’s]