I flew to Hong Kong for a long weekend to catch up with my dear friend, Kellie.  What an amazing trip and an amazing city!  I think Hong Kong must be one of my favorite big cities on the planet (after Buenos Aires and Washington, D.C., of course).  There is a buzz and gritty excitement on the streets that is lacking in clean, predictable Singapore.

We did so many fun things, like:

bargain for funky jewelry in the Kowloon Jade Market,

buy fruit without speaking a word of Cantonese (actually that’s not true – I can count to three, Kellie can say ‘thank you,’  and we can pronounce the subway stops really well…tsim sha TSUI!!),

try desperately to avoid the dead fish smell that permeates the Western district (where our hotel was conveniently located),

roam the busy streets during the day,

and roam the busy streets at night,

people-watch, drink nice champagne (thank you, random Scottish couple), and pose for pictures with Taiwanese men (I think we’re famous there) on Lan Kwai Fong street,

ride the Sky Lift (and watch the terror on Kellie’s face) to Ngong Ping Village on Lantau Island,

climb a lot of steps to see a really Big Buddha,

feast on a yummy vegetarian lunch at the Po Lin Monastery,

and enjoy the company of a good friend!

I ♥ HK!  Can’t wait to go back.