I’m over the monkeys.

For all my east-coast readers:  you know how you roll your eyes at foreigners when they oo and ah over the “cute” squirrels everywhere?  You know, the wide-eyed visitors who’ve seen Sleeping Beauty one too many times and expect the little tree rats to sing?

Well, I’m pretty sure the Singaporeans are rolling their eyes at us for oo-ing and ah-ing over the “cute” monkeys.  Maybe we’ve all read Curious George one too many times, but really, the monkeys are not so cute.  In fact, I’ll go a step further: monkeys are the Asian squirrels.  They may not steal the seed from your bird-feeder or chew on your Christmas lights, but they will screech, hiss and show their fangs, or even try to make off with your personal items.

Come on, the squirrel who drops kamikaze acorns on your head is not half as bad as the monkey who steals your passport, right?

I’m ranting about the little buggers because this past weekend I went to MacRitchie reservoir to check out the tree-top walk and the monkeys were everywhere.  In any case, the day was mucho fun (and sweaty)!  Pics below: