Alternatively titled: “The reaffirmation of all the reasons I am not a professional chef.”

Jen, my friend and the queen of finding random things to do in Singapore, invited me to a class at Lagnaa in Little India to learn how to cook Butter Chicken (murgh makhani).

Check out that look of confusion on my face.  I can’t even figure out how to turn on the gas stove.

Not only did I burn my onions (the chef used me as an example of how NOT to cook), but I didn’t add enough cream, I used too much tomato paste, and my chili was “weak.”  Then at the end, when everyone was holding their beautiful, buttery beige dishes, I had an ugly glob of dark brown stuff and the oil was separating from the paste.  Sigh.  It was quite obvious that I don’t cook for myself.

Too bad they didn’t ask me to make pasta.  I can boil a pot of noodles.  Kind of…