I took a Bollywood dance class last week with some friends from the office.  The class was…well…strange? interesting? fun? horrible? fantastic?  I don’t really know how to put words to this…experience.

I asked my friend Beth how she would have described it, and she was far more eloquent. “It was not so much a class as a window of opportunity for the instructor to display/marvel at his fabulousness. But the moves were easy enough that we could follow without much guidance.”

She’s right.  Apart from the humiliation we all suffered through the windows of the trendy Chinatown dance studio, the most memorable part of the class was the flamboyant Filipino instructor, who spent an entire hour watching his pelvis move in circles.  This is a true story and I can prove it.

Because I knew my description could never do this justice, and I knew you would all have trouble picturing it, I managed to get someone to video our “routine.”  If you’re not rolling on the floor from laughter after watching this, then I don’t know what is funny anymore.