On day 4 we marched from Bamboo to Deurali (3200m/10,500 ft).  We probably could have gone further under normal circumstances, but given that you run the risk of altitude sickness if you ascend too quickly over 3000m, we decided to take it slow and steady and soak up the surroundings.

As we inched our way higher into the Himalayas, I noticed marked temperature drops, changes in the vegetation, and the disappearance of all those pesky mosquitoes and flies that hang out in the lowlands.  In addition, because of the thin air, you need more energy to do the walking and climbing you did just 1000m below.  Most people need more sleep, find their appetites decreasing, and have a runny nose (check, check and check!).  On treks going to the Everest Base Camp, people stop trekking for days at a time in order to acclimatize (Everest Base Camp is at 5360 m/17590 ft).

But in the end we had a relatively easy day, slowly moving upwards through the lush green forest to our goal, and in the evening we met some really cool, sweet girls – Hanna from Finland and Julia from Australia.  One Swiss Rosti, several intense card games, 200 pages of reading, and one afternoon hailstorm later, I was drifting off into a peaceful sleep with excitement brewing about the summit day ahead..


More pictures below!

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