It’s a miracle!  After filling out stacks of paperwork, running around the city to have photos taken, and preparing to shell out big bucks for an emergency temp passport – I have found my passport!!

Figures that I even make it to the US embassy, sit down with the consular agent, cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s, and right before I go to pay, the cashier asks if I had called earlier about a last passport.  I tell her yes as I pull my wallet out of my purse and she says to me, “oh yeah, your passport was turned in on April 22.”

Hooray!  Jubilation!

First thought: thank goodness I didn’t pay for it!  Once the cashier processes your application, your passport is officially considered a gonner and even if it turns up it’s too late.

Second thought: how did we manage this colossal miscommunication? My passport was found and at the US embassy?  One would think that when you call and email your embassy, they tell you they have your passport.  Or perhaps when someone turns it in they call you to tell you they have it?  No?

Lesson learned: register with your embassy and provide as many contact numbers and emergency contact numbers as possible.

Seriously – for all of you living abroad (or planning on traveling abroad) go enter your details at this website: