Hello, paradise. Meet my camera.

I had a mini-reunion with Chloe and the ladies in Krabi this past weekend.  In between all the giggles, gossip and silliness, we did some pretty exciting things like:

1. Take a little boat tour to Ko Phi Phi island (below), Monkey beach, and Bamboo island.

2. Scale a cliff to see a lagoon.  Turns out we couldn’t see the lagoon, but we did get really muddy and sweaty.

3. Get stuck in quick-ssand.  Correction, J got stuck in the mud while the rest of us looked on and decided how muddy we wanted to get in order to save her.  When the tide pulls out from the east beach in Railey, it leaves a big mess of mud and sand.  (Don’t worry, we finally saved her and her shoes).

4. Enjoy fruity drinks on the sand.

5. Watch the sunset.  Actually, this was the only evening it was sunny enough to get a good shot of the sky.

6. Take a dip in that beautiful blue water.

7. Pretend to be monkeys.

8. Dodge jellyfish-infested waters in a quest for a good shot.

9. Get a little sunbathing and R&R!