For better or for worse, I’ve agreed to participate in a “Durian Lunch Excursion” mañana with a few colleagues for lunch.  I didn’t quite enjoy the taste or texture of the durian the last time I tried it, but I’m hoping that the fruit will grow on me, or at least my presence on this little excursion will put me in the good graces of my Singaporean office-mates.

In honor of this impending event, I’ve come across a little poem from Chris Mooney Singh on 13 Ways of Looking at a Durian.  Below is an excerpt:

The smell of the durian is overpowering,
The taste of the durian causes memory dysfunction.

The land of the Durian Eaters
Is the land of the Lotos Eaters
There is a problem with time.
There is a problem with credit cards.

Some love durians,
Others can’t stand durians.
The government, fearing public calamity
Won’t allow them near the MRT.

In reality, lovers of the durian
Are seed-souls from another star.
The plain-thinking earth-born
Cannot stomach durians.