I’ll start this story by telling you that I called a taxi this morning.

It was early in the morning.  Real early.  And I was sleepy, and I was groggy, and I was walking out the door in a daze to get to a department meeting.  You know the kind of morning – you’re squinting and bumping into walls and your eyes are puffy and you’re pretty sure there might be a bird making a nest in your hair.   Did I mention it was obscenely early?  And obscenely sunny.  I mean really, the weather gods should have the decency to make it rain when your mind’s a muddle.   Who wants sunshine?

But I digress.  All this is to tell you that when I stepped out of the apartment lobby into the cruel, chipper light of day, I was not expecting to open the door of the taxi and find this –

A Doraemon cab:

Literally every inch of this car was covered in the Japanese toy figures.  I thought I was dreaming.  Or hallucinating.  It was all a little eerie, given that my last taxi driver had labeled me the Singaporean Alice in Wonderland (no joke – listen here).  I was half-expecting a Cheshire cat to jump out of the glove box and offer me a cup of tea.  Or find the birds in my hair nest.

A google search reveals that I’m not the first person to be taken aback by the Doraemon taxi (see Eileen‘s blog for better pictures), and it turns out Jen has also been in the same taxi.  I guess it’s bound to happen in a small city.

But still, I’m not talking to any white rabbits today.