It had rained all day and was an uncommonly cool Singaporean evening.  I decided to take advantage of the weather and go for a jog along my usual route: the Kallang River from my house to the Kallang MRT.  It isn’t the most scenic run.  The upper Kallang River is a murky brown and the running path is lined with concrete government apartment buildings (see pic 1 below).  That said, the URA is planning to transform this area into a “lively commercial hub and leisure destination” and the northern area by Bishan park is also undergoing renovations (someday to look like pic 2?).

[pics via: wikipedia & SG press center]

When I run this route at night I can see the Singapore Flyer off far in the distance (well, 5km to be exact), and I always wonder what it would be like to run to the Ferris Wheel if the path went all the way.  Generally speaking I have enough stamina to survive the heat and humidity for about 15 minutes before I loop back for home.  But it was so nice yesterday that I kept running and found a path connector to the basin!!  It was fantastic!  I had some inspirational music pumping in my iPod buds (think Chariots of Fire), I was barely sweating (this never happens in Singapore), and I was treated to the coolest views of the waterfront.

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But things got ugly somewhere on my route back home. I thought I stepped on a branch because I felt something beneath my foot and on the side of my leg at the same time.  You can imagine my horror when I looked down to find, not a branch, but a black snake loosely wrapped around my ankle and coming up the side of my calf.  I screamed and kicked my leg – flinging the snake on to the side of the road.  It was absolutely terrifying, but to make matters worse, this woman who was passing by me at the time just looked at me like I was an idiot.  I wanted to say: “WOMAN! A snake crawled up my leg!!”  But she just “tsked” at me.  That’s the second “tsk” I’ve gotten this week! (The first was because I ran up the down-escalator at a shopping centre, but that’s another story…)

I’ve tried google-ing snakes to figure out what I got tangled in, but the more I read about snakes in Singapore, the more freaked out I get!  So if anyone knows what kind of snakes live by the Kallang river, let me know.  It was dark so I’m not sure exactly what color it was, but it was definitely mostly black, about 2 feet long and the thickness of my thumb.

Shudders!  On the upside, I finally made it to the Ferris Wheel and even managed to solicit a few whistles from a toothless Chinese man in the process.  Not quite sure how to top this…