Tim’s “rolled pants” have generated much debate amongst our little circle of RAs.  To roll, or not to roll – that’s the question.  Apparently it’s a growing trend.  I say “apparently” because I know little-to-nothing about men’s fashion.  Come to think of it, I know little about fashion in general – but that’s a topic for another day..

The Sartorialist explains the cuffed-pants phenomenon in this article.

It naturally followed that Tim and J-man decided to have a little roll-off after our weekly Chinatown-Durian lunch last week.  (Ok ok, we may have egged them on..)

Here’s a picture of Tim rockin’ the pant’s cuff like the a Sartorialist model:

Unfortunately, J-man doesn’t pull it off quite as eloquently.  Economists…

Can we take a poll?  Who wears it best? Try not to let my Goofy comparison bias your response.