I have another confession to make.  Now don’t get too excited – before you start wildly imagining what I’ve stolen or which idol I’ve been worshiping* or even which neighbor’s wife I’ve been coveting – let me tell you: my sin is not quite so scandalous.  No, it’s more a sin of gluttony.

As you might have already gathered from the title of this post (or the giant picture of cake to the left), I am addicted to Pandan Chiffon.  That fluffy, spongy, moist, coconutty cake made from the extract of pandan leaves.  My pandan chiffon habit probably isn’t quite as severe as my CNY cookie addiction (nor does it cause my derrière to grow at such an alarming rate), but it’s bad enough that the nice guy who works at the hospital Bengawan Solo doesn’t even ask me what I want to order anymore.  He just knows.  It’s slightly embarrassing, actually.

Pandan chiffon is so light and velvety and heavenly that it’s almost exclusively become, along with an apple or a grapefruit, my daily breakfast.  Is this bad?  I can only assume that it’s at least equally as bad as eating a big bowl of sugary cereal for breakfast.  And I get infinitely more pleasure from the former.  I fear most Singaporeans might disapprove…

*Quick rant: Sylvia was the obvious choice for Singapore idol.