Check out that view!  Some Brazilian friends of mine hosted a seder for Rosh Hashana from their apartment at the the Sail.

Do you have balcony-envy right now?  I totally have balcony-envy right now.

Anyways a lot of folks have been asking me about the symbolism of the New Year foods, and to be honest, I didn’t really know much beyond the pomegranate!

So, for the sake of my own education (and yours) I’ll show you the rockin’ seder plates that S & R put together to symbolize a sweet, prolific and successful new year:

1. Apples and Honey (not pictured): symbolizes a sweet new year.

2. Dates: An end to your enemies and those who wish evil upon you.

3. White beans: That your merits should increase and you should be heartened.

4. Carrots: Also that your merits should increase.

5. Leek: Again, that your enemies should be cut down.

6. Beet: That your enemies and those who wish evil upon you shall depart (are you sensing a theme here?).

7. Pumpkin: That the evil of your verdicts be ripped, and that your merits be announced.

8. Pomegranate: the seeds symbolize the 613 miztvot (commandments).

9. Gifilte fish (not pictured): That we should be fruitful and multiply like fish.

10. Fish head (not pictured): May you be a head and not a tail (i.e. a leader, not a follower).

So are you feeling enlightened?  I am.  How bout we ’round this evening out Singaporean style with a Tiger Beer.

Alright, who’s New Year is next?