How can something so beautiful, and with a name that sounds so right, be so wrong?

I mean, I like the moon.  It’s all white and shiny and mysterious.  La luna, la lune…it sounds great in a lot of languages.  And cake – who doesn’t like cake?

But mooncake?  BLECH.

Mooncakes – traditional Chinese pastries for the Mid-Autumn festival – are everywhere in Singapore right now and it’s basically the nastiest dessert I’ve ever had in my life.  Imagine a delicate pastry, filled with an incredibly dense lotus seed paste (very bland, very sugary, and very fattening), and inside the paste there is an egg yolk.

Yes, an egg yolk.

Are you gagging yet?

There are a variety of fillings:

  • red bean paste
  • green tea
  • durian (this is the worst)
  • black sesame

and even some more unusual options like

  • beetroot with red wine
  • mung bean
  • champagne
  • pumpkin paste with melon seeds.

The price of just one of these handmade babies? Anywhere from $10 to $50 a pop.  Moreover, a single mooncake can pack 1000 calories!

Yes, you read correctly – that’s more than half your daily recommended calorie intake, friends.

I think I will have to admire these little beauties from behind the pastry case – rather than with the taste buds.  And perhaps with some dramatic Chinese music in the background… (check out lovely video from Szechuan Court below – they make it look so tasty!)

[photo credits: ulterior epicure and lifestyleasia]