I’ve moved to Geylang!

That’s the red light district, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the Little Red Dot.  Yes, prostitution is legal in Singapore.  No mom, I haven’t made a career switch. In any case, I’m hoping that living here will produce some blog-worthy stories…

I’ve officially moved in with S – one half of my favorite french duo in s’pore! Unpacking, well, that’s a chore to tackle for another weekend.

The new apartment is great – I’m much closer to the subway, there is great food everywhere, and there is life on the streets. Moreover, it’s quieter here and I don’t hear the buses and crazy motorcyclists revving their engines on Serangoon at 3am.

Already I feel at home (and so do all my plants!)

I’ve snapped some quick picks for your viewing pleasure.  Please excuse the dust on the window shades!