Time again for the blog confessional:

I don’t cook in Singapore.  Ever.

Second confession:

I didn’t cook that either.

No really.  I always eat out: hawker centers, nice restaurants, fruit stalls..even Subway – anywhere but the kitchen.  Eating out is cheap, convenient and practically a national pastime.  Just ask the Top Chef contestants.  Or my friend Elizabeth.

I’ve lived in S’pore for 11 months and have only ventured into the kitchen to make pasta (3 times) and bake challah (twice). And I’ve eaten more sandwiches and bowls of cereal in the past year than in my entire 4 years of university combined.

So you can imagine what a treat it was to come home and find that S‘s friend A, who is visiting us from Spain, had cooked us a tomato/cheese/mustard tart with a lovely cucumber & tomato salad.  I feel so spoiled!

En la cocina