Has anyone ever heard of light painting before?  Me neither…

Mes amis parisiens, Mickael and Remi, are incredibly talented photographers in their spare time (and incredibly nerdy during all other times) and they took some really amazing light painting pictures this week.  I was so impressed that I wanted everyone else to see them too.  Really guys, these are so cool and I’m proud of you!

WARNING: don’t try this at home.  Messieurs Geniuses set their friend’s hair on fire with a sparkler.  Apparently the house smelled like grilled pork for the remainder of the evening.  Don’t worry, the poor girl still has (most of) her hair…

But in case you decide not to heed my advice and you DO try this at home, here are some instructions from Mickael (via gchat):

5: 54PM the key is long exposure
you put your camera on a tripod
in a very dark environment
inside, or outside at night
5:55 PM then you take the picture
with a long exposure
the people need to stay still if you don’t want them to be blurry
5:56 PM and someone else take a flashlight, a sprakler or whatever
and moves the light source
5:57 PM since the light source is very bright,
the way it goes will show up in the picture
I have a remote control for my camera
I start to take the picture and stop it when I want
5:58 PM so the exposure can actually take several seconds
it makes sense?
I lost you
somewhere …