Alright, I was a lame-o this weekend and I fell asleep on Saturday night while everyone else was out dancing.  My excuse is that I’ve been training for another half-marathon, and I was exhausted.  I know, I know – I said I wouldn’t run a half marathon again, but I changed my mind.  Besides, it’s time to get my derriere in shape again.

But I digress.  The point of this information is not to tell you about my bootie, but rather to tell you about the excellent thing that happens when you are able to wake up for an early morning run on Sunday in Singapore:

Dragon Boat Racing.

Ladies, I’ve discovered something amazing!  If you go for a run at the Kallang River Park on a Sunday morning, you can watch the dragon boat racing teams practice.

Practically speaking, this means men.  Lots of Men.  Shirtless men.  With muscles. Sweating.  Doing push-ups and sit-ups and jogging and rowing in unison.

Is it wrong that I did several laps around the park? And then an extra lap for good measure?

And yes, there are some fierce gals representing for the ladies too!  Now if only I had seen Dhani Jones…