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I took the little bro to the top of the Marina Bay Sands for a spectacular view of the Singapore skyline. I knew I lived in a pretty city, but WOW! The view of the marina and the ocean was breathtaking!

And check out the infinity pool (on the 56th story no less!).

The S-man’s final verdict on Singapore? “Awesome.”  I asked him how he would describe it to people back in the states, and he said he wasn’t sure if he would know quite how:

“It’s like, well, one big…I don’t know…like one big Disney Land. For adults. Everything is shiny and bright and colorful and clean and efficient. And everyone is nice to me and speaks English. And I feel safer here than I do in a big city in the U.S.  I can leave your apartment and just start walking anywhere.”

It’s true actually, it’s pretty wonderful to live in Singapore :)

We spent Christmas Eve in North Vietnam on a boat in Halong Bay. Yes, it felt as surreal as it sounds.

But at least we had some pretty nice Santa hats and a couple of gifts to open!

Then we sang some (what I can only assume were) Vietnamese Christmas carols.

We went out the next morning to catch ourselves a Christmas fish.  Mission unaccomplished, but we did find a lot of floating garbage bags.

And a cave too! With (what I can only assume are) Christmas lights!

All in all, a very memorable Christmas!

If these pictures don’t make your heart melt with holiday cheer, please check your pulse.


Advice: If you’re a woman and you’re planning on going to Little India on a Sunday night…don’t. It’s a meat market, and if you’re not prepared to be undressed by the eyes of hundreds of Bangladeshi and Indian construction workers, stick to Chinatown.

[images via YinYang]

Anyways, this is to say that my lil’ bro is visiting me for a few weeks so this weekend I took him to my favorite Indian/Bengali joint: Mustard.

And as always, it was so good, and sooo worth it!

I’m gonna throw it out there: Tamil sounds like gurgling.

Underwater gurgling. Try it – next time you’re in a pool, try to speak underwater as fast as you can and you’ll sound like the lady on the MRT: “bungali bungali bungali gobanachi pulangji.”

In fact, any language you don’t understand has a stereotypical sound. You know what I’m talking about, right? Like the way you would speak a language if you had the intelligence of a 7-year old (read: me). Example:

French: “blah blu ble blah oui oui oo la la”

Italian: “amore mio pasta pasta mamma mia”

Chinese: “ching chong chong chang chong”

Swedish: “yahhhh tak tak fluugety fluugety”

I asked Chloe once how non-native speakers imitate English, and she told me: “If you’re British, you sound like you’re talking with hot soup in your mouth. If you’re American, it sounds like you’re talking with hot rocks in your mouth.” (I see you there, reading this blog post, trying to talk like you have hot rocks in your mouth!”)

But I digress. Back to the gurgling. Tamil may sound a little silly to me, but I’m love this new song. In fact, it took an incredible amount of self-control to refrain from gyrating like a crazy woman on my morning commute.

I dare you to listen to this without bouncing your shoulders. Check it:

Jacob: “This must be the worst place in the world.  Except for the lactose-intolerant and those with bad allergies.”

Lost in translation – a conversation between two office girlfriends:

Me: Man it’s late – we should go home soon.

RR: Yah lah, yah lah!

Me: Haha! Yalla? What? You speak Arabic now?

RR: Arabic, lah? No silly…I said “yeah, lah.” Singlish, lah! It means, “Yeah I know.”

Me: Ohh, because in Arabic, “yalla” means, “let’s go.”

RR: Really? Is that what they speak in Egypt? Arabic?

Me: Yeah, I’m pretty sure…

RR: Ohhhhh that explains a lot!!

Me: Why?

RR: Well, when I went to Egypt for my honeymoon, I don’t understand why everyone speaking so good Singlish! Everyone telling me “Yah lah habibi!”  I thought, wahlau these guys really speak Singlish everywhere in the world!    …Wait, what does habibi mean?

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  Happy Monday!


[cue booming voice]:

BEHOLD! The most magnificent menorah of all time!

[cue thunder]:

[cue lightnight]:

Feast your eyes upon our masterpiece of aluminum foil, tea lights, legit channukah candles, and an empty container of olive body scrub!

This event was so momentous, that it even required a skype teleconference with Hong Kong.

Happy Channukah!!

!חנוכה שמח

[side note: please excuse us in all our sweaty, post-run glory]

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