Lost in translation – a conversation between two office girlfriends:

Me: Man it’s late – we should go home soon.

RR: Yah lah, yah lah!

Me: Haha! Yalla? What? You speak Arabic now?

RR: Arabic, lah? No silly…I said “yeah, lah.” Singlish, lah! It means, “Yeah I know.”

Me: Ohh, because in Arabic, “yalla” means, “let’s go.”

RR: Really? Is that what they speak in Egypt? Arabic?

Me: Yeah, I’m pretty sure…

RR: Ohhhhh that explains a lot!!

Me: Why?

RR: Well, when I went to Egypt for my honeymoon, I don’t understand why everyone speaking so good Singlish! Everyone telling me “Yah lah habibi!”  I thought, wahlau these guys really speak Singlish everywhere in the world!    …Wait, what does habibi mean?