I took the little bro to the top of the Marina Bay Sands for a spectacular view of the Singapore skyline. I knew I lived in a pretty city, but WOW! The view of the marina and the ocean was breathtaking!

And check out the infinity pool (on the 56th story no less!).

The S-man’s final verdict on Singapore? “Awesome.”  I asked him how he would describe it to people back in the states, and he said he wasn’t sure if he would know quite how:

“It’s like, well, one big…I don’t know…like one big Disney Land. For adults. Everything is shiny and bright and colorful and clean and efficient. And everyone is nice to me and speaks English. And I feel safer here than I do in a big city in the U.S.  I can leave your apartment and just start walking anywhere.”

It’s true actually, it’s pretty wonderful to live in Singapore :)