I find myself asking that question quite a bit these days.

Well, you would too if you lived in a country with an overwhelming number of miscellaneous laws. For instance, did you know that you can be fined for ‘accidentally’ breeding mosquitoes in your home or that you must answer to the Controller of Undesirable Publications (dun dun dunnnn) for reading ‘obscene’ articles? Also, it’s illegal to be naked in your apartment if someone can see you. True story.

Which brings me to my most recent episode of: Was that legal?

It was really late, I had a lot of energy, and I was having a horrible time trying to fall asleep, so I decided to dance around my living room in my pajamas in a futile attempt to make myself tired.

But really dance, okay? To some good salsa music. I was moving my hips like JLo, lip-syncing to my iPod like a superstar, and throwing my hair around with wild 2am-abandon, when suddenly I turned around and realized that my windows were totally open. There on the balcony opposite my house were 3 young, sneaky Chinese guys, taking a break from their video gaming to smoke their cigarettes and laugh their asses off at me (because let’s be honest, I don’t move my hips as well as JLo).

Needless to say I’m now terrified to stand anywhere near the window.

Once I got over my initial horror and embarrassment, I got to thinking about my flagrant display of booty-shaking and wondered: Whoops, was that legal?

I looked into it. According to Miscellaneous Offenses Act it is indeed illegal (see Section IV, no. 27A) to appear nude in your house. However, looking through the remainder of the section on ‘rogues and vagabonds’, I haven’t seen any rules pertaining to pajama salsa dancing and/or visible gyration in the household.

So I ask you this, dear friends: Was that legal?