BANG BANG BANG! Hello! Anybody home? Inspector! BANG BANG BANG!

Yes, that’s how I was rudely awaken this Saturday morning. Inspector? Huh? Wait, the water heater was fixed last month, and I’m pretty sure all the toilets are flushing…

BANG BANG BANG! Hello? Inspector!

Oh God, do we have anything illegal in here? Is my roommate harboring illegal aliens? No no, wrong country… A look through the peephole revealed a portly older Chinese man, standing outside my front door in a uniform with a clipboard and a giant badge reading “CONTROLLER”. Well, do I let him in? He’s in a uniform. I guess we’re in Singapore. I could definitely take him down… I glanced outside my window and saw that the apartment security guards were standing downstairs, and had most likely let this man into the building, so I opened the door…

Good morning miss! Mosquito Inspector!

I nearly choked from my surprise. Especially considering the fact that I just wrote a blog post about random laws in Singapore. Maybe someone’s playing a joke on me?

Excuse me, I’m sorry, but did you say you were a…a mosquito inspector?

Miss, your neighbors have Dengue, so we are inspecting the building for mosquito nests. May I come in?

The next 3 minutes were painful as I tried desperately not to burst into laughter from the absurdity of the situation. The mosquito inspector checked all of our plants for standing water, and asked me to flush the toilet in the laundry room at least once a week. He left as quickly as he came.

Actually, I’m really thankful that Singapore takes so many measures to get rid of those horrible insects and protect us all from Dengue. I’m also really thankful that they weren’t breeding in my house.

So we salute you, Mr. Mosquito Inspector. Your work here is done. Mr. Backyard Bug Zapper Inventor has nothing on you!

On a side note: What do you think the job posting for Mosquito Inspector looks like? I mean, what kind of qualifications do you need to have for that gig?