CNN just came out with a list of the world’s coolest nations. Not sure I agree with the rankings (really….Mongolians are cooler than Spaniards?), but interestingly they rank Singaporeans as the second coolest nationality on the planet.

(image via CNN/Straits Times)

While I agree that yes, my Singaporean friends are definitely cool, are they really cool because they “know 6 programming languages” and are “absurdly computer literate”? No – Singaporeans are cool because they’re unpretentious, unapologetic lovers of food, because they make amazingly creative DIY projects, and they’re compassionate, beautiful people (among other reasons).

Who wrote this damn article?

Moreover, are Americans really cool because they know how to surf?

And Mongolians are cool because they “line their undies in fur”?  Ok, wait, fur-lined undies could be pretty cool…

Who do YOU think is the world’s coolest nationality? Personally, I’m gonna say Argentinos…