Well Singapore, I guess this is goodbye for now.

I meant to write a really thoughtful post to sum up my experience in these last 2 years, but in typical kiki-style I saved all my packing until the last minute and now I’m pressed for time!

In summation: this has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll already know that I’ve met some of the most amazing people, had loads of adventures, and traveled to corners of the world I never dreamed I’d ever see (let alone be able to find on a map).

Now it’s on to a new chapter of my life as a nerdy, impoverished grad student, and I’m quite excited about it. In the meantime I’ll be traveling a bit over the next few weeks, visiting ze bf in London, visiting chlochlo in Madrid, going home to my family in the States, and popping around the east coast for some weddings before heading off to grad school.

My dear friends and family: I miss you so much and I can’t wait to squeeze you!!!!! I’ll try to post pictures and update the blog as much as possible over the next few weeks.

For now, I’m Suddenly on a New Adventure ;-)

Love, Kiersten