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A trip back to la patria, of course!

News flash: I live on the equator, which means in Singapore, we don’t get the change of seasons.  We’ve got hot, hotter, and damn-it-turn-on-the-fan-before-I-pass-out season. Oh, and sometimes it rains a lot.

image via KevinCouncil photography (he's amazing!)

So right now I’m missing my favorite season–autumn in Carolina–and everything that goes with it: going for a run and breathing in the crisp air, jumping in fresh piles of brightly colored leaves, munching on pumpkin pie and corn bread and apple cider, and burying my head in a good book with a giant spiced latte while the rain drizzles outside.

And boots.  Damn, I miss my leather boots.

The good news? I’m off to Colorado via Tokyo and Seattle, and I’m gonna see the ‘rents!  And do as many of the activities above, of course.

Now if only I owned a jacket…

Y’all wanna hear how we talk in the south? Bout dem biscuits and baycon and eggs and cocacowla?

Southerners are amazing.

I make fun of Singlish all the time, but the truth is, we’re just as amusing!

My awesome momma went to the NC state fair this week (hello, cultural experience) and recorded my favorite “voice” from Apex.

This guy is great – I dare you to try and watch this video without smiling:

Next time we’ll record him going on about pies.  (We got chaw-co-let pie, we got churry pie, we got pee-can pie, why we even got pee-cawn pie.  We got awl de pies!)

On a side note, have you ever seen a donut burger?  Brace yourself…

Yeahhhh that’s where I come from…

I’ve been working from NC these past couple of weeks and spending some long-overdue time with family and friends.  Being back in the states has made me realize that there are are few things that I really miss about living in the South (American south):

1. Really, really, really friendly people. Seriously, I forgot how good it feels when strangers smile at you on the street and ask you about your day, or when people strike up random conversations with you in line at the DMV (by the way – waiting in line at the DMV is NOT something I miss about America).  And I’m not gonna lie – I appreciate a cat-call every now and then.

2. The music scene.  Specifically hip-hop. Every once and a while Singapore will deliver, but honestly, one can only listen to so much pop/house/dance/techno before one goes insane.  I love my Singaporean and European ex-pat friends, but really guys – let’s get it together on the music front.  Check out this great band below, Eyes of the Elders, playing at The Black Flower in Raleigh this week (sorry for the video/sound quality…it was loud in there):

3. Driving.  You mean I don’t have to walk in the blistering sun to the MRT (subway)?  I don’t have to stand on a packed bus for 45 minutes?  It’s 2:00am and I don’t have to pay for a taxi home?  You mean, I can just get in the car and go wherever I want?  For free? No ERP? Awesome.

4. Shopping.  I’m no longer taller, wider, or curvier than the general female population, so everything fits: shoes, pants, bras, bathing suits, you name it.  And no one is trying to sell me products to make my skin whiter.

5. Breaking the rules.  It’s healthy to be a little rebellious once in a while.  And it feels good to spit gum on the street, jaywalk, smoke a cigarette in public, and run a red light when no one is looking (just because you can!).

This trip home has been a good battery-recharger.  And now I’m ready to take on Singapore again – all shiny and happy!  See you next week, y’all…

I may live in Asia, but the world’s best sushi is still from Shiki!

(Note to most excellent friends: you’re welcome for this most excellent photo of yourselves)

No cover.  Ever.

With a Skinny Bag of Sugar and some Soul + Funk.  Yeahhhh

The Station, Carrboro

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