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Somebody let me into a kitchen today. Obviously they had never heard about my butter chicken fiasco (a year ago, to the date). Nor about the time I called my mother screaming while I gutted a chicken (poor George). Nope, if they knew, they never would have given me this sweet hat.

We did the group cooking class/bonding experience at Coriander Leaf, which happens to be one of my favorite restaurants in Singapore. Fortunately no one asked me to use an open flame. I did however roll a mean rice paper spring roll (aka Vietnamese burrito).

Crystal and I decided to make a video to share our underwhelming culinary prowess with the world (aka Mom and Dad). We also wanted to share Assad’s creative vision, as he felt it was “misunderstood.” [A’s peanut sauce not pictured]

We may not be excellent chefs, but it turns out we can mash peanuts and fold a damn good spring roll. I expect the food network to call any day now.

We spent Christmas Eve in North Vietnam on a boat in Halong Bay. Yes, it felt as surreal as it sounds.

But at least we had some pretty nice Santa hats and a couple of gifts to open!

Then we sang some (what I can only assume were) Vietnamese Christmas carols.

We went out the next morning to catch ourselves a Christmas fish.  Mission unaccomplished, but we did find a lot of floating garbage bags.

And a cave too! With (what I can only assume are) Christmas lights!

All in all, a very memorable Christmas!

If these pictures don’t make your heart melt with holiday cheer, please check your pulse.


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