I had some errands to run today and in between I allowed myself to get a little lost in the city to do some spontaneous exploring.  (Okay, so maybe those of you who know me when will figure out that I wasn’t exactly “voluntarily lost.”)  I started off my day with a 6:30am jog through Fort Canning Park, which is a pleasant little jungle retreat on a steep hill in the heart of the city, complete with a spice garden & tasting bins, shrines, memorials, and lots of old folks doing Tai Chi before the sun becomes unbearable. Here’s a shot from my sweaty jog:


Then later in the morning I made my way down the river to the Ministry of Manpower to get my employment pass.  Success!  Well, not quite – I still have to go back on Friday to pick up the actual card.  But technically I can start working (don’t tell my boss).  Then I headed out to open in a bank account in, where else?, a mall.  I spent about 25 minutes going up & down a ridiculous maze of escalators before I finally found the Development Bank of Singapore (DBS).  10 minutes into my walk back to the MRT I discovered I was walking in the wrong direction.  Fortunately I bumped into the Singapore Art Museum, and saw this cool little exhibit of Li Chen sculptures:

and I also happened upon a Singaporean food court for lunch.  Everyone eats at food courts here – you can get some of the best food in the country at these unpretentious little places.  I tried the Chicken Vermicelli Soup (above) from the Vietnamese stall, primarily because I was too afraid to try anything from the neighboring stall, “Wang Ji Pig Organ Soup.”  Ewww.  Now I’m off to meet some potential new roomies.  We’ll see how it goes…